Houston Rodeo Themed Baskets
2013-lg-ultimate texan.jpg
Ultimate Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, including this amazing gift. We are offering
the best in Texas, including this Texas flag tin that can be filled with ice to
cool down drinks for a party! The tin is full of goodies like, salsa, tortilla chips,
Texas Chili mix, large box of Texas chocolates, vanilla caramel popcorn,
Wild West cookies, divinity, Texas Oil Drops black licorice jelly beans,
Wild West peanut brittle, "Nuts For You in Texas" snack mix, Popd Kern,
sour cream habanero pretzel nuggets, and Longhorns pecan prailines.


2010 Merry-Texmas sm.JPG Truly Texas

One of our top sellers throughout the years, this red Texas shaped basket makes a unique gift in itself. It contains a Texas wine, Peanut Brittle, Salsa, Tortilla Chips, Snackmix, Texas Oil Drops, Pecan Pralines, Sour Cream & Habanero Pretzel Nuggets, Solid Milk Chocolate in Texas Tin.


2013-md-country christmas.jpg
Country Christmas

This is a slightly smaller version than the Merry Texmas but
equally pleasing. It contains; salsa, tortilla chips, wild west
peanut brittle, pecan praline divinity, "Nuts For You" snack
mix, Texas taffy, and Wild West cookies.


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